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Media Events

Media Briefing


We hosted our first media event, at the High Commission in London on Thursday 28th March.

Topics discussed :

  • Whats the hoo-ha about Ruaha?

  • Star trekking experiences.

  • The Great Migration, Migration or migratory lands?

  • New properties springing up this season.

  • Affordable options, or is Tanzania all uber-luxury?

  • Facing the elephant in the room.

  • Tanzania's wild west. Well worth the extra effort.

  • Nyerere - the beautiful park within a park.

  • Bitter sweet success for a new chocolate brand.

  • Media trips - what happens now?

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  • Craig Rix (Travel Africa)

  • Rupert Parker

  • Ben West

  • Sue Watt

  • Karl Kushing

  • Petra Shepherd

  • Malcolm Tattersal

  • Lauren Jarvis

  • Natasha Blair

  • Maisha Frost

  • Andy Mossack

  • Rosie Fluskey (Flying Fluskey)

  • Claire Roadley

  • Penny Hooper

Those in red have subsequently submitted requests for trips.


Requiring details

  • Hannah Summers

  • Sofie Askew

  • Meera Detani

  • Mark Stratton

  • Matt Quinton 

  • Jeanette Ratcliffe

  • Sarah Marshall

  • Graeme Green

  • Sean Sheehan

  • Caroline Phillips

  • Emma Gregg

  • Phil Clisby

  • Clare Voogh (Travel Weekly)

  • Demi Perera*

  • Nadeem Perera*

  • Mike Unwin

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