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Little touches that make big differences

We’re constantly working to improve our guest experience at Chem Chem. With this in mind, we have some exciting updates coming to our lodge and camps over the next few months.


New pool at Little Chem Chem

There’s nothing quite like an afternoon spent relaxing poolside on a hot day or a refreshing post-game drive dip, which is why we’re thrilled to be building a pool at Little Chem Chem. This exciting new facility will be ready to welcome swimmers come June.


Fitted air conditioners in Chem Chem Lodge’s tented suites

Our guests will now be able to cool off in the comfort of their rooms as each of Chem Chem Lodge’s tented suites is being fitted with an air conditioner unit. F


In room fridges and coffee machines are coming

Putting ice cold drinks and freshly brewed coffees at their fingertips, we’re elevating our guests in room experience by equipping each tents at Chem Chem Lodge and Little Chem Chem with a fridge ad coffee machine.


Boosting our wellness experience

We’re welcoming an osteopath to the Chem Chem family for the month of August. Her expertise lies in using specialised joint manipulation and gentle stretching techniques to restore balance in the body, especially within the musculoskeletal system. She will be available to give treatments, and will also be training our spa team in the art of osteopathy.


Portable air conditioning units at Little and Forest Chem Chem

Sun-weary guests can now enjoy some respite from the heat when relaxing in their tents as portable air conditioning units are now available on request at Forest.Chem Chem and Little Chem Chem.

For more information please contact either or Nick Wilson at


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