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Upgrade : Serengeti, Elewana

Elewana Collection has revealed details of major upgrades of two of their Serengeti properties.

Serengeti Migration Camp now features a revamped entrance area, bedrooms, and dining room, as well as a striking new rooftop bar, perfect for a post-safari sundowner.

Organic design materials including earth-walls, rich wood, jute, woven fabrics, beads, and carvings have been incorporated to create an Afrocentric space with a contemporary edge.

Renovations at the camp also feature the introduction of artistic elements including terracotta pots, woven light features, organic fabrics, three large chandeliers, ceiling fans and re-upholstered furnishings.

Tented bedrooms have undergone a contemporary makeover with modern African patterns, upgraded lighting, and reconfigured furniture allowing for more space, along with new carpets and bed throws.

The pool area has been upgraded and repainted and now features re-furbished loungers, reupholstered cushions, and umbrellas. A beautiful new outdoor bar has also been added on the top deck with curbed brick and a dark wooden top, while the dining area has been refurbished with new chandeliers and décor which features tribal patterns. New textiles, placemats and dining accessories in similar colour and style have been added to complement the space.

Serengeti Pioneer Camp’s refresh has kept to the camp’s ‘real safari’ feel and further compliments one of the most spectacular vistas across the Serengeti. The lounge area has been refurbished using both repurposed, reupholstered furnishings and new pieces, incorporating organic linen textiles and leather in tan and beige.

A new bar has been built in the library area complemented by fresh artwork which features scientific wildlife drawings. Furniture in the dining area has been sanded, stained, and reupholstered, while the pool area features a new shaded area with couches and tables.

Flooring of the pool area has been sanded and revarnished together with updated fencing. Guest rooms now feature furnishings that have been sanded and re-stained, along with new carpets and rugs in jute and hand-woven wool. Glassware from Shanga, new brass bedside lamps, as well as other thoughtful trinkets and animal prints have been thoughtfully placed in rooms, recalling the beauty of Africa.

Alina Haq - Director of Marketing & Communications


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