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Zanzibar adds 2,000 high quality rooms post-pandemic

Zanzibar has continued its expansion of high-end tourism with the introduction of twenty-two additional 4 and 5-star properties, since 2019.


Reflecting a property growth of 51%, the new properties have added an extra 2,000 guest rooms. At the same time, the 3-star mid-market has also grown (50 properties, up to 54) but there has been a 12% drop in guest rooms. This change can be attributed to some of the larger 3-star properties falling victim to the Pandemic whilst the newer 3-stars are smaller, and some mid-market properties have upgraded to 4 star.


“We are delighted that the quality options available to international visitors continues to increase says Marketing Director, Sanya Rahma of the Zanzibar Commission for Tourism (ZCT).


Any concerns that this growth might lead to over-tourism were dispelled by Rahma, who highlighted that the Archipelago does not rely on just one tourism region. Instead, Unguja (the main island, often referred to as Zanzibar) has beautiful beaches and different reasons to visit – from diving to specific water sports (like kitesurfing). This means that hotel developments can happen anywhere across the entire collection of islands. 


We are actively encouraging investors to develop in newer and less visited parts of Unguja, as well as onto other islands within the archipelago. At the same time, we are increasingly segmenting this development".


Zanzibar no longer relies purely on its gorgeous white sandy beaches to lure visitors. The rich history, enchanting culture and beach/water sports are attracting a different type of traveller.


Interestingly, whilst Zanzibar used to be predominantly seen as an add-on to a mainland (Tanzanian) safari, it has become a stand-alone destination in its own right. In fact, Rahma highlighted that for an increasing number of visitors, it has become the other way around, with short trips to Mikumi NP from Zanzibar proving highly popular.





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