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Fam trip report : Kirurumu Under Canvas, Northern Circuit

Words and pics by Fern Montgomery, Samphire Consulting

We were met by our Hoopoe Safaris guide and vehicle at Olduvai Museum. Joseph then drove us to Naabi Gate where we entered the Serengeti.

Not 10 minutes from the gate we were met with lions cooling in the shade of the acacia trees and a lioness stalking a herd of zebra. We had fantastic game viewing as we headed to the Western corridor to Kirurumu Under Canvas Central Camp in Hembe - definitely glamping not camping!

Warmed bucket showers gave us an opportunity to rinse the dust off, followed by a delicious dinner. The tents are very comfortable, with solar powered electricity and Wi-Fi across the camp. 

The following day we had a game drive up to Kirurumu Under Canvas North Camp, at Sonzo. This is our swing camp, in Ndutu from December to March for the wildebeest calving, then it swings up to the North from June - October for the Migration.

Our swing camp has our new tents that did not disappoint, they offer spectacular views and are light and spacious, with solar-powered hot water showers and flushing loos. The visiting game was spectacular in the morning light. Joseph took us across the Mara River up to the border with Kenya, where we saw a lion kill, lots of plains game and some amazing hyena, jackal and bird sightings. 

As our trip was coming to an end we headed to the Kirurumu Under Canvas Manyara lodge for some lunch, nothing beats delicious food while spotting birds. After a quick site inspection, Elias (our second brilliant guide from Hoopoe) took us to Kirurumu Tarangire where we spent our final night. Greeted by zebras, impalas, wildebeest and hornbills, our relaxing hour was well spent! Meals are served buffet-style in the dining tent and our final glass of wine was enjoyed at the fire pit while watching the buffalo graze under the moonlight! 

Elias took us into Tarangire National Park the following day, where again we had phenomenal sightings including a waterbuck which had died with no big predators around: it was a vulture's paradise!!

The knowledge and ability of the Hoopoe guides to answer all questions at the drop of a hat is a testament to Peter Lindstrom and how he trains his guides. The vehicles were very comfortable (not to mention reliable) and overall, our trip was simply put... just  AMAZING

Penny Hooper & Fern Montgomery

Samphire Travel Consulting

Direct Line: +44 20 3623 1823  UK Mobile: +44 7780 601 068


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