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New activity : Anti-poaching cycling in Serengeti / Singita

From October 10th-15th, Singita takes another step in its conservation efforts aiding anti-poaching by creating a ride for mountain bike enthusiasts across 93 miles of the 350,000 acre Singita Grumeti Reserve in Tanzania.

Not only will it be a unique way to view the wildlife that safari lovers flock to this region to see, it will also contribute funds to aid the company’s NGO partner The Grumeti Fund and its anti-poaching scouts.

The ride, which will take place over three days in the western corridor of Serengeti National Park, carries the name The Wagora MTB Ride in honor of Kitaboka Wagora, an anti-poaching scout who was killed by a poacher in 2008 and who continues to inspire others to work to protect Africa’s wildlife. The route consists of flat, dirt, gravel or sand roads with some single track off road trails and will be open to 24 riders over the age of 18 for solo riders (16 and 17 year olds can participate alongside a parent or guardian). Experience in mountain biking is recommended.

The ride isn’t a race or a challenge; it’s designed, instead, to be a way to experience the glorious scenery of the Serengeti at a reasonable pace. Each day starts at sunrise (approximately 6:30 AM) with different routes daily. Day 1 is a 37 mile track through the diverse terrain of the Grumeti Reserve; Day 2 is a 31 mile exploration of a neighbouring community; the third day is a 25 mile trip through open landscape. Armed anti-poaching scouts will accompany riders throughout, along with game scouts and a support vehicle in case a rider wants to take a break during that day’s run.

For more information, contact Sarah Falconer (UK Sales Manager) via


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