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New camp in Ruaha : Nomad

Nomad Tanzania's commitment to the untamed wilderness has always been epitomised through the art of walking safaris – stripping away all the excesses and exploring the quieter corners, on foot.

They have designed and launched an old-school mobile camp to venture into the most remote areas of Tanzania. Their Expeditionary Walking Camp is designed with mobility and exploration at its core, allowing guests to fall off the map for a few days in hand-picked walking areas at the best time of year, across Tanzania.

We’re delighted to introduce our Expeditionary Walking Camp into Ruaha during July and August allowing guests to combine an epic walking experience with time in our little wilderness bush camp, Kigelia, creating a unique expedition combination in Ruaha.

Our walking safaris programme spans regions less trodden in the Serengeti, Ruaha and Ugalla during the following dates.

Nomad’s walking safaris programme 

  • Serengeti: November to June (Eastern Serengeti: November to February; Eastern Serengeti & Gol Mountains: March to April; Western Serengeti: May to June)

  • Ruaha: July to August

  • Ugalla: September to October

For further information, check out our website, reach out to your sales contact at Nomad or drop us a line on


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