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Serengeti Balloons Safaris sponsors Wildscreen Festival

With support from BBC Studios Natural History Unit, Serengeti Balloon Safaris is proud to announce that it is sponsoring a new mini festival in partnership with AFRISOS, - Wildscreen Festival Tanzania, highlighting the importance of Tanzania and its storytellers, and cementing Tanzania’s position as a top wildlife filming destination in Africa.

The festival is taking place in Arusha on the 6th and 7th June and this partnership demonstrates Serengeti Balloon Safari’s commitment to supporting the next generation of storytellers in Tanzania.

Six years ago Serengeti Balloon Safaris (SBS) partnered with Tanzanian NGO – AFRISOS –(the African School of Storytelling), to develop an impactful internship programme. This comprised SBS taking on young Tanzanian content creators who interned in the company for 2-3 months at a time where they learned valuable life/work experience.

During their internships, each intern was responsible for filming and photographing flights and balloons for guests as SBS give complementary photography to guests after each and every flight they run. This experience helps them to learn how to interact with international guests, building their confidence hugely whilst also giving them valuable practical experience in the field.

During their internships they are also able to build a portfolio of wildlife images captured whilst being driven around by the Serengeti Balloon Safaris team. One previous intern for example is Kingson Mazee. Kingson interned for Serengeti Balloon Safaris in 2021 but his experience helped to set him on track to become one of Tanzania’s most up and coming wildlife photographers.

Thus far 7 young aspiring content creators have gone through the Serengeti Balloon Safari internship scheme, 3 of which are now in full time employment with SBS and the other 4 are all in secure employment elsewhere.

MD of Serengeti Balloon Safari John Corse commented;

“When we set up our internship programme with Afrisos we had a vision to inspire, engage and support young talent in Tanzania using the practical experience learned in the field combined with softer skills such as building their confidence and how to interact with clients / their subjects. It is wonderful to see how they have all developed and we are proud to have 3 of them as key members of our team. We look forward to further developing our internship programmes to celebrate and support the next generation of young talented creators.”

For more information contact Charlie Morison at Green Travel Marketing


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