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Upgraded HerdTracker allows Great Migration tracking

Discover Africa's HerdTracker Wildebeest Tracking App unveils major upgrade to enhance safari planning

Acclaimed Great Migration wildebeest tracking app, HerdTracker has launched major upgrades to boost the safari industry's ability to offer guests the ultimate wildlife experience.

Since its first release in 2014, HerdTracker has featured over 1,700 wildlife sightings submissions, with invaluable contributions from industry stalwarts such as Lemala Camps and Lodges, Ndutu Safari Lodge, Alex Walker’s Serian Collection and Governors’ Camp Collection.

Built as a free-to-use tool by Discover Africa Safaris, HerdTracker has given web users worldwide access to the thrill of watching The Great Migration - with over 10 million interactions across the app and various social channels, including YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook.

With its upgraded Artificial Intelligence (AI) prediction features, the app now provides time-saving accuracy and date-specific trip planning.

How the New HerdTracker Prediction Tool Works

It is designed to show guests looking to plan the ultimate migration safari where the herd will most likely be during their visit. It also recommends the closest lodge to choose for their stay.

AI-Powered Predictions: HerdTracker’s new AI-enhanced features offer predictions of herd movements up to 12 months in advance, allowing travellers to accurately plan their safaris.

Enhanced Map Functionality: The HerdTracker map now integrates markers detailing herd sizes and key river crossings. It also pinpoints camps and lodges close to the action, enabling travellers to easily find accommodation — ideal for last-minute plans.

Future Innovations: HerdTracker continues to innovate, with upcoming features like weather forecasts and additional activity-tracking abilities set to further enhance user engagement.

André Van Kets, Discover Africa Safaris founder said, “We built HerdTracker to be a completely free and helpful tool for both safari-goers and the industry. We know we’re not alone in this endeavour to boost Africa’s appeal as a destination and improve safari planning—and our best efforts come from the support through our on-the-ground network.”

To contribute to HerdTracker, send us an email with your video/photo of the Wildebeest Migration, including the exact location and date to or tag HerdTracker on Instagram, YouTube or Facebook.

Explore the newly upgraded migration tracking map and embark on a journey like no other by visiting:


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