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Chem Chem Lodge introduces three wellness walks

Chem Chem Lodge now offers 3 wellness walks designed to help guests disconnect from their busy, tech-driven lives and reconnect with the wilderness.

These walks, which are included in your stay, are inspired by Chem Chem’s ‘Slow Safari’ philosophy, which champions slowing down and attuning oneself to nature.

Nature walk: gain unparalleled insight into the Tanzanian wilderness and tap into your Maasai guide’s wealth of knowledge.

Silent walk: be immersed in nature’s healing energy with a soul-soothing silent experience and forge a closer connection to the landscape.

Power walk: get your blood pumping on an invigorating walk through Chem Chem’s exclusive-use protected wilderness area.

Learn more about wellness at Chem Chem here.

Visit the Chem Chem website here.


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