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New watering hole at Kirawira Serena Camp, Serengeti

In might not look much yet, but a fabulous new watering hole at the Kirawira Serena Camp in Western Serengeti will soon offer guests some wonderful close-up wildlife sightings.

Once the final touches are complete, the animals will gather right in front of the camp for a refreshing drink or a dip to cool down from the heat of the sun.

Kirawira Serena Camp is a fantastic base in the Western Serengeti to spot predators such as the lion, the elusive leopard and cheetah, herbivores like the gazelles, buffalo, elephant, as well as giant crocodiles and other wildlife along the famous Grumeti River. 

For more information on Serena Lodges, please contact Calire Roadley at Umlingo PR via 


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